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EFC Staff



Manager: Gerald Morgan. Gerald became a member with EFC in 2005. He took over the  Manager position in 2012 and has worked in Maintenance and Accounting with EFC. Gerald is originally from Fort McMurray and did some of his flight training down in Phoenix Arizona as well as here at EFC.


Chief Flight Instructor: Sophia Wells. Class 1 Multi IFR Instructor/ Flight Examiner. Sophia came to the Club in 2009 after completing the Mount Royal Aviation program and then working for a year at the Calgary Flying Club. Sophia became the CFI in August of 2012 and also flies part time on a Cessna Conquest for a local construction company. She is originally from the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.  

Class 3 Instructor: Wyatt Loveseth. Wyatt became an instructor in September 2014 but has been training with EFC since 2009 and worked as a dispatcher since the beginning of 2014. Wyatt is a graduate of the Grant McEwan Aviation Business program and also has a part-time position working with Rona. He is originally from Viking, Alberta.

Class 3 Instructor: Denis Kofahl. Denis was born in Germany but moved to Canada when he was young with his family. Denis completed the Moncton Flight College program before moving to Alberta for work. He completed his Flight instructor Rating at EFC in the summer of 2015 and has an eventual goal of working for the airlines.

Class 3 Instructor: John Hur. John was born in South Korea but soon after, at a young age, moved to Canada where he found the passion for aviation. He started his aviation career in 2013 and completed his instructor rating with EFC in the Spring of 2016. While instructing at EFC, he is also attending the University of Alberta to complete a 4-year degree in the facility of Arts. His long-term goal is to join and work for the airlines. 

Class 3 Instructor: Justin Bailey:Justin was born on Vancouver Island, British Columbia he spent 20 years in Ontario, completing his flight training at WWFC at the Kitchener/Waterloo airport (CYKF) and later obtained his seaplane rating and time on floats at Lake St. John (CNV6). He is currently perusing his class 2 instructor rating while exploring Alberta.

Class 4 Instructor: Tegan L: Tegan is from Lethbridge Alberta. She began her training in 2014 and all her training was completed on low wing aircraft in Lethbridge. Tegan finished her instructor rating in 2017 and loves being a part of the aviation community! 

Class 4 Instructor: Adam Abma



Dispatcher: Bill Dimmer. Bill has been an EFC Club member since 1987. He recently decided to start working on his Commercial License and eventually his Instructor Rating. Bill has also been a long time member of the CASARA group.

Dispatcher: Bruno Rabello.  Bruno is originally from Brazil and came back to Canada in 2015 after completing his University Degree in Aviation Sciences as well as his flight training. He joined the EFC Dispatch team in October of 2015. As for his short/mid term goals, Bruno is working on his licenses conversion with TC in order to start flying in Canada then he will aim for the long-term goal! He is a dog lover, loves traveling and of course the Aviation Industry

Dispatcher: Nick Hummel. Nick began his flight training with EFC in November of 2015 and joined the Dispatch team in February 2016.  He is currently working on his Commercial License and plans on getting his Instructor and Float Rating. Nick is originally from Calgary.

Dispatcher: Andy Hernandez. Andy is originally from the Philippines and moved to Canada with his family in 2012. He became a member of EFC in 2014 and joined the dispatch team after getting his PPL. His long term goal is to work as an instructor or work as a pipeline inspection pilot.

Dispatcher: Zac Yarema. Zac started working on his private license early October 2016 and joined the dispatch team a couple weeks after. Once finished his PPL he plans on working towards his commercial license. Zac was born and raised in Edmonton and looks forward to the opportunities aviation will bring.



Director of Maintenance: Eric Davidge. Eric was born in the United States and moved to Canada in 1996. He has worked for EFC in the past but became our Person Responsible for Maintenance and Person Responsible for Maintenance Control in 2013. Eric also works with Airco and Geographic Air services and LOVES taking vacations and traveling the world.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineer: Eric Christensen: Eric is originally from Hinton, and joined the club and started flying in 2007. He worked dispatch with EFC while he completed his PPL before starting to apprentice with EFC as a mechanic. Eric left EFC for a few years but returned in 2014 after working on a variety of planes with Courtesy Air. He completed his AME license in August of 2014.