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Kristen Soroka

Kristen Pearce

Who am I and where am I now? 

I am from Edmonton and started my flight training in the fall of 2000. I got all of my licenses and ratings at EFC except for my private. After getting my instructor rating in 2007, I was hired as an instructor in September of 2007. After working my way up the ladder and eventually teaching multi IFR and becoming the Chief Flight Instructor I ended my instructing career in the summer of 2012. After a year hiatus from flying I was lucky to get a job with Sunwest Aviation as a First Officer on the Lear 45. My goal as a student when I first started had been airlines, but as time went on that goal turned into corporate flying and am happy to be at the job I've been dreaming of for a long time. This plane and company allow me to see many new places that I've never been to before and I love it all! 

Why did I choose EFC? 

 EFC has such a great reputation and an amazing history. After getting my private license elsewhere I felt that there was more to this flying thing, and decided to look at EFC. When I walked through the doors the staff was inviting and made me excited to continue my training there. Through all my years there, I had the same feelings and truly believe it is the best training school in the Edmonton area 

Most memorable experience?  

My most memorable experience was probably becoming CFI. I never went there expecting to become CFI but was sure happy I did. I learnt a lot about myself and the industry. Such a great experience.  

How did EFC help my career? 

 EFC helped my career in a way that it taught me discipline in my flying and allowed me to learn from many different people with different techniques. I went from instructing to the Lear 45 so it was a huge learning curve. I knew that what I had learnt at EFC I could apply there as well. I remember answering this question in my interview "coming from instructing to a jet, what skills do you think you can bring to this new environment?" I said, with instructing you have to understand not only the flying part but the theoretical part too. That stuff doesn't change from aircraft to aircraft. Also with instructing you must try your best to show each exercise perfectly to the students so I feel that I Got the opportunity to do a great landing every single time etc etc for each exercise. There wasn't a chance to do a bad demo.  I believe that's what made me a good pilot.  


Understand that your goals may change throughout your career. The best thing I did was make mini goals along the way. Once I was satisfied with one goal I would set another. This allowed me to accomplish things and be proud of them yet still strive for others.