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EFC News

 The road in front of the EFC hangar is in very poor condition, please park in the paved parking lot on the west side of the airport.  

Private Pilot Ground School Starts  May 7, 2018. Learn More.   



 PPL Ground School is now being held at the Parkland Airport In the  EFC Classroom. 





Discovery Flights

A discovery flight or introduction flight is to give people the chance to see what flying in a small plane is all about.  Typically used for those who are thinking about getting their pilots license and want to know what the training is all about and a works great as a gift! On a discovery flight a certified flight instructor will take you for an approximate 30 min flight.  Typically we fly around the city of Edmonton or Spruce Grove or Stony Plain checking out familiar landmarks etc but we are really flexible in where we go as long as time permits.   While you're up you will get the opportunity to try flying the plane with the supervision and assistance of an instructor.You may even bring along up to two friends or family members to enjoy the experience with you as long as the total weight of the 3 of you is not over 450 lbs.


International Students

The Edmonton Flying Club offers all of it's programs to both local and International students. For International students there is a different application process. 


1. How to Begin the Application Process

  • Please fill out our Membership Application. Click here. Completed application can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or

          faxed to: 1-780-800-9639, 


Our New Simulator Has Arrived

Precision Flight Controls MFD Simulator



The Edmonton Flying Club's flight simulator is a Modular Flight Deck manufactured by Precision Flight Controls of Sacramento, California. Using a specially engineered version of "X-Plane", it has the flexibility and potential to be used to fly anywhere in the world.

The MFD simulator can simulate approximately 20 different types of aircraft from the basic fixed pitch single engine (eg. C172) all the way through a complex multi turbine aircraft such as a Beech King Air.

The Simulator is primarily used for commercial and instrument ratings but can be used for a few hours in each of the various licenses and ratings to give students and members the opportunity to practice complicated exercise with the ability to pause at any time if there is any confusion or questions.

The simulator is enclosed and uses five 40” flat screen TV’s that surround the cockpit to give a realistic representation of what the pilot sees when they look out of the cockpit windows. The software allows us to generate virtually any type of weather conditions and to fly at any time of the day or night and on any date of the year.

The visual system gives us the ability to simulate many different flights, both Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR.)  

Dual cockpit controls enable two-crew training including Cockpit Resource Management.

The avionics stack includes a Garmin 1000 that can be changed out to a Garmin 530/430 GPS/NAV/COM, as well as a second NAV/COM, an ADF, a Mode C transponder, and an autopilot.

Interchangeable cockpit screens and throttle quadrants give an accurate representation of the various instrument configurations and the hands-on controls related to different types of aircraft.




Accelerated Pilot Course

imageFast track your Private Pilot License! Become a Private Pilot now in as little as 3 months



The private pilot license is your first big step in attaining freedom in the air.  Transitioning from being a passenger to a pilot is a challenging task.  It can feel like a steep learning curve, as you are learning a new skill and being introduced to topics that you may have never studied before.  The private pilot license allows you to fly as a private pilot with passengers.  It can be challenging to find the time to commit and to studying and flying on a regular basis.  One of the most effective ways to to complete your private pilot license is to ensure you maintain consistency by training on a regular basis.  

Traditional "Accelerated" programs goals are designed or adverstised to get you finished in "as little as 3 or weeks", which begs to ask the question of WHAT ARE YOU LEARNING IN 3 WEEKS!!!?  You are learning to rush, rush, and rush, which is a quick way get in trouble.  What you don't know, you don't know and its tough to learn and retain a whole lot in 3-4 weeks.  Thinking that you will learn the "other stuff" later is not a comfort for your passengers.

Check out what Joseph and William Bittman had to say about the course -- Accelerated Private Pilot Course Interview --

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